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Wade Rogers
Jerrod Arthur 
Bob May
Jay Carr
Dave Allan
Travis Pembrook 
Steven Lastovica
Chris Wilson 
Kris Black
Travis Stenberg 

Eric Drager 
Clint Petzold 
Shannon Voegele 
David Bradford
Jason Elmore 
Cooper Newcomb 
Darin Straka
Jon Gevelinger
Ty Allen
Troy Gorestska

“I’ve been using that superflex for about a month or so now on our heavy muscled slick shear stuff!! That stuff is BAD TO THE BONE!! Noticed a difference after about two weeks with them being on it! We are rollin with it…it works!”


Jason Holder, JH Livestock

“WE LOVE SUPERFLEX! Been on it 8 days and you can really see a difference in the way our cattle feel! I am so impressed with how the cattle are doing that we started the sheep on it this morning! I’m thinking of sticking my head in bag and taking a lick to see if it will make me feel better.”

Damon Fesmire, Fesmire Show Cattle

“In preparing our market lamb for the spring livestock shows, his natural stance in the pen would be to stand under himself and roach in his back. After feeding Superflex, he got to where he stood more square and more level in his back. It did help!”

Gina Bagsby, Show Lamb Superflex Customer

Works great on all species cattle, lambs, goats, pigs and horses. I am a not a believer in many supplements, but this one really worked on my 22 year old roping mare, who is very arthritic in her front knees. Freed her up and she is much more comfortable in 30-40 days. Increased flexion and ease of motion, while reducing inflammation and swelling. Nothing else like it on the market today.

Cory Lubben

“We have been feeding it for two months now and truly believe in the results we have seen. As show season starts to fire up we strongly recommend to feed Superflex for precautionary reasons, as pressure points start to work more then what they have had to!”

Matt O'Connor, OC Showpigs